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Cheaver Newsletter - May 2013




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Are you Ready for Summer?

May 2013

Volume 1, Number 1

In This Issue

·    Getting Ready for Summer

·    Party and Event Help

·    Watch a video on How to Post a Task

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Getting Ready for Summer

Ok.  So it’s about to get seriously HOT!  If you’ve lived in Texas for awhile, you have surely developed some coping mechanisms.  It is important to stay cool, so here are a few things to remember. 


      Check the direction of your ceiling fan.  Some people switch the direction of their ceiling fans during the winter months to help with heating, so when it starts getting hot outside, it’s important to make sure the air is blowing downward.  There is likely a switch above your light / fan fixture to change this setting, but check your manual.

      Get your AC maintenanced.  So it’s a service call, but in the long run, you can extend the life of your system.  It’s best to call them now, before the 100 degree weather hits and your service company is backlogged.

      Check / Repair insulation around doors and windows.  Usually a pretty easy fix, and worth saving your cold air and money from literally going right out the window!

      Change your air filters every 30 – 60 days.  I hat dragging out the big ladder too, but it’s so worth it!  Especially if anyone in your house suffers from allergies.  Plus, those clean filters help make sure your AC is operating at its best.


Party and Event Help

I know you have been there . . . rushing around to prepare your house for the big party!  Cleaning, picking up supplies, ordering food, trying to finish those crazy Pinterest party favors, and then getting all the decorations out and up.  I’m usually exhausted by the time the party starts, and then have to get the food out and served, monitor drinks, take pictures, etc.  All that hard work, and I didn’t even get to really visit with my guests!


Well those days are now long gone!  For my last party (which was for my 5 year old son’s t-ball end-of-season celebration), I posted a task on Cheaver for party help.  My Task Master picked up the pizzas I ordered in advance, she setup the table with all the food, worked the grill for the hotdogs, served food and drinks, and even took pictures!  My husband and I got to really visit with the parents, watch the kids play, and even relax a little.  It was delightful!


So, just consider it . . . there is so much that goes into getting ready for a big event.  Maybe next time just post a few of those tasks, and see the stress melt away.